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All sizes are approx

This is in Traditonal Rubber Backed Non slip vet bedding professional whelping fleece pet bedding, comfort, warmth and security for your pet.

Ideal for tiled and slipery surfaces, dog crates, cages and whelping box ect.

The unique polyester fibre allows fluid to drain through leaving the top dry giving your pet comfort and warmth; it also gives support to arthritic and elderly pets and helps prevent pressure sores.


This deep pile bedding is:

· * Machine washable (30 degrees)

· * Tumble dry at low temperature

· * Non irritant

· * Non allergenic

· * Does not fray

· * Ideal for whelping & kittening providing comfort and warmth for puppies and kittens

· * Perfect for animals requiring hospitalization where comfort and warmth are vital

· * Traveling crates or cage

All 10mt x1.5 order will come as 2 5mt x 1.5

Contact us on 01226380340 (office hours 9am -4pm )

Forest Green

  • 14 days return 

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